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This is what happens when HIV/AIDS strikes a household in Africa

  • Illness and/or death of one or more household members
  • Change in the size and composition of households
  • Children orphaned by the epidemic
  • Addition of adult relative to assist with farm production, housework and/or child care
  • Temporary migration for wage work
  • Change in the household dependency ratio
  • Withdrawal of children from school to work on or off the farm for wages
  • Intra-household reallocation of labor
  • Decrease in area cultivated (increased fallow)
  • Decline in crop variety
  • Change in cropping patterns and/or animal production to less labor-intensive practices
  • Declining yields
  • Lengthening of the working day
  • Sex work on a casual or commercial basis
  • Loss of agricultural knowledge, practices and skills
  • Change in access to human resources
  • Reductions in income from farm and off-farm sources
  • Liquidation of savings accounts
  • Seeking remittances from family
  • Change in degree of reliance on off-farm income among male,
    orphan and female-headed households
  • Change in wage earning among female-headed households
  • Change in income-generating activities among female-headed households (Topouzis 2000)
  • Sale of stores of value (jewelry, household goods)
  • Borrowing from informal sector (relatives, friends, neighbors, rural coops, rotating and savings club associations)
  • Borrowing from rural traders or money lenders
  • Pledging of future crops
  • Exhaustion of credit resources
  • Sale of livestock

This scenario in Africa is happening today; tomorrow, it could be happening in your community.

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