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People collaborating to accumulate knowledge as a foundation for advocating change.

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This site is dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge about HIV/AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and Hepatitis C, and the support of advocacy actions to produce change.

Without increased awareness and education there can be no change.

Throughout history this formula has been used to change people's attitudes on many issues.

This site is dedicated to this concept.

We, the owners of this site, believe the impact of infectious diseases especially HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C will have a profound affect on all of us. For those people who are positive, they know the stigma and the discrimination, the difficulty in obtaining health coverage, finding employment or being terminated from a job because of his/her health status, because of the lack of awareness and knowledge about these diseases. Truly, what is happening to these positive people today, these actions will be felt by all of us-now and in the future.

We, believe /know that infectious diseases are going to have a devastating effect on civilized society. Everyone is going to feel the impact and experience the changes that are altering the way society is structured. The link buttons on the left side will direct the reader to articles, research reports, business reports, and governmental reports that show the changes occurring, today. Education is about the desire to learn what is occurring with the use of this information.

Advocacy results when knowledgeable people voice their concerns about the future.

Change then occurs.

The concerns about our future can only come about by becoming involved and by believing that your voice can make a difference.

Change will occur because of infectious diseases-whether people become involved in these issues or not. Time is running out and time is not our friend. The domino effect throughout a society when large portions of its citizens are stricken by illness is substantial. Changes are occurring today, because of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. With Education, and Advocacy, positive change occurs. By voicing your concerns -change occurs.

For those who have research material and would like to see the information posted-Please send them to us using the e-mail button on the left side of this page. The material will be posted within 30-60 days. These reports will be posted even if the article is in opposition to the material that is already listed. Informed information means exploring ALL of the issues and points of view.

This is by no means a medical site. Any information pertaining to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis regarding breast enhancement treatment, medications, alternative medicines etc, are for informational purposes only. For health care questions we ask that you please contact your physician.

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We are also not a political site even though there are many issues regarding changes, legislation which are deeply intertwined with political leaning. There are no good or bad sides of an issue, just the strong desire to show all points of view and how they affect us all.

Accurate information is and always will be the first line of defense against HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. Education cannot be stressed enough. It must be available before any change can happen.

Statement of Rights for People who are Positive

The contents of this site are a data reserve of research reports, governmental reports and business reports on the various issues of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis (primarily Hepatitis C). There are no opinions offer by the owners (except on this page)-the wealth of information presented here is the corner stone of this site: from the Financial Issues (Economic concerns)-how AIDS and Hepatitis are changing the social and economic fabric of society; Stigma-the first obstacle of any newly emergent disease, to providing math models that can be used to predict the course and costs of infectious diseases. Each main folder contains 100's of reports. The information provided here is the most up-to-date source of information about these diseases and the implications that they are having on all of us, now and in the future.

"When you have written to The President, Congress, Your Senator and nothing comes of it,



This is not a political site; however, people who are positive represent a significant voting block. Political parties are very aware of this fact. If those people who have felt the sting from these diseases would unify in their concerns-change would occur.

This site represents the efforts of a group of volunteers who have donated their time and efforts to make this information available to you.

We have made a difference and so can you.

Become involved.


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